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Chairman Of CPAC Comes To Trump’s Defense As GOP Blames Him For Midterm Setbacks

    Matt Schlapp, chairman of CPAC, conducted an interview on Monday where he said it’s “silly” for the Republican Party to put the blame for the disappointing performances from their candidates on the shoulders of former President Donald Trump.

    According to Newsmax, Schlapp made the comments during an appearance on “Wake Up America” saying, to blame Donald Trump [for the poor results] is silly,” as “Trump’s batting average on his candidates were better than almost anybody’s.”

    Schlapp has come out and said that he fully supports the former president’s desire to give the White House another shot, going on to state, “If Donald Trump feels like he has the energy and the vision to run for president, he absolutely should do it. I love the man. His policies helped transform the country.”

    The CPAC chairman then admitted that it would be “risky” for Trump to come out and announce his candidacy right now, pointing out that “we’re still in this Herschel Walker win-or-lose phase … but I think when you are a candidate and you know what you are going to do, waiting is usually not your friend.”

    Schlapp then lamented the ongoing uncertainty of several major races, remarking, “I find it outrageous in the leading country in the world that we’re still counting ballots” six days after the election.”

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    He then posed the question, “why Republicans lose 80% of these races every time it [the counting] goes into extra innings?”

    Schlapp added that on Election Day, “Republicans went to vote and thousands and thousands of them, even if they went to went to multiple polling places, the polling machines weren’t working. We’ll never know how many thousands of Republicans went back home” without voting.

    He mentioned that ballot harvesting is ripe in states like Nevada where Democrats are basically in charge of the entire process.