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Brian Andersson Has Bad News For Folks In New York As Police Quit The Force

    Former New York City Commissioner Brian Andersson, who served under both Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg went on to say during an interview Monday that crime rates are going to skyrocket and things are going to end up getting even more out of control than they already are in places where veteran cops are quitting in large numbers without waiting for their official retirement.

    “It’s scary,” Andersson stated during an interview with Newsmax’s “National Report.” “I live in New York City. I’ve got family and friends that are officers, and they’re leaving early because for the most part, they don’t feel the city or anyone else has their backs.”

    Here’s more from Newsmax:

    According to a recent article in The New York Post, 2,465 New York police officers have left their jobs this year to date, for an increase of 42% from the 1,731 that left by August last year, city pension fund data shows. Further, those leaving before reaching full pension at 20 years is up by 71%, to 1,098, from this time last year, at 641.

    And with that many leaving, the NYPD will be a “less experienced force” without the institutional memory needed from people who know how to handle certain situations, said Andersson.

    The exodus also means New Yorkers are leaving, he added.

    “They’re paying enough taxes to have police protection officers do their jobs, and we’re not seeing it,” he went on to say. “You’re seeing all the indicators of all the crimes going right through the roof. It’s simply not working. You arrest someone, and the next day they’re out.”

    Unfortunately, Andersson went on to say that he believes it’s past the point to try and keep cops on the job.

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    This is the result of the Black Lives Matter movement that stirred up radical progressives to try and defund police stations around the country, stupidly believing, somehow, that reducing the number of police would stop police shootings of black people and make things better.

    Apparently, the idea that less cops means more crime just couldn’t sink through their thick skulls. And now the people of major cities like New York are the ones paying the price for it all. It’s horrible.