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Biden Seems To Imply There Are Only Two Options For America With High Fuel Prices, Both Are Ridiculous

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President Joe Biden, who seems hellbent to prove that he’s either suffering from dementia or perhaps one of the stupidest people to currently walk the face of the earth — could be both — as he recently tried to imply to Americans that there are currently only two options concerning the current condition of the economy.

We either suffer with high gas prices or allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to gain significantly more influence in Europe.

For the record, both of these “options” are ridiculous. There are plenty of other solutions to the problem of high gas prices, including allowing folks to drill for oil, which is something Biden doesn’t want to do since he’s trying to impress all of the Green New Deal folks he’s partnered with.

According to The Daily Wire, “During a speech delivered from the White House-crafted fake Oval Office set — which he reportedly uses so that he can stay on a script from a teleprompter —  Biden called on Congress to enact a ‘three-month gas tax holiday’ and suspend the 18.4 cents federal gas tax to help alleviate pain at the pump for Americans this summer. The president needled Republicans who have attacked him over record-high gas prices by asking them if they would rather abandon the Ukrainian people and let Putin gain more power.”

“For all Republicans in Congress criticizing me today for high gas prices in America, are you now saying we were wrong to support Ukraine? Are you saying we were wrong to stand up to Putin?” Biden went on to say as pictures of Ukrainian flags flashed behind him. “Are you saying that we’d rather have lower gas prices in America than Putin’s iron fist in Europe?”

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“Experts like The Heritage Foundation’s Katie Tubb have pointed out for quite some time that the cost of gasoline was rising well before Putin ever invaded Ukraine in February,” the report continued.

“The president’s anti-fossil fuel rhetoric, alongside policy and increase in regulation, has contributed to the high prices of gasoline, she said,” the report noted.

“This has been the clear and consistent message of President Biden from the campaign trail through to just last month when he stated that high gasoline prices are just part of his incredible transition’ away from the fuel that supplies 90% of Americans’ transportation needs,” Tubb went on to explain to The Daily Wire.

“Certainly Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is also being priced into oil markets, as is higher summertime demand for gasoline during vacation season,” Tubbs then added. “But to stop there is to totally ignore the policy choices being made by the Biden administration that had already led to a 48% increase in gasoline prices before Russia invaded Ukraine.”

Daniel Turner, who is the founder and executive director of Power the Future, spoke with the Daily Wire and revealed that the current administration has actually been actively discouraging folks from investing in the oil and gas industry, which is responsible for an increase in the price of fuel.

“The [Biden administration] has created a regulatory and financial climate which punishes the fossil fuel industry,” he claimed. “From the [the Department of Interior], to [the Environmental Protection Agency], to [the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission], every agency is sending signals that fossil fuels are not welcome.”

Turner then took some time to explain that inflation is just the result of these policies as they begin to impact our economy.

“The markets are responding in kind,” Turner stated. “Sadly, fossil fuels are much more than the Biden admin. is willing to admit, and pushing wind and solar and [electric vehicles] does nothing to alleviate rising inflation, food prices, and consumer food prices.”