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Biden Makes Vow To Shoot Down Republican Legislation Targeting IRS

    So it seems President Joe Biden is a big lover of the Internal Revenue Service, as any good liberal would be, seeing as how they just really enjoy taking money from one group of people and giving it to those who have done nothing to earn it. That, kids, is called “wealth redistribution” and it’s part of socialism, an evil system of government and economics that destroys any people group dumb enough to try and implement it.

    According to Newsmax, Biden promised on Thursday to veto any and all legislation that comes across his desk that targets the IRS or that would impose a “national sales tax.”

    Just last week, House Republicans passed a bill that is calling for cutting billions in funding for the IRS. It’s not expected to make it through the Senate, where Democrats are still in charge.

    “House Republicans campaigned on inflation. They didn’t say, if elected, their plan was to make inflation worse,” Biden commented. “Well, let me be very clear: If any of these bills make it to my desk, I will veto them.”

    “Like many Americans, I was disappointed that the very first bill that Republicans in the House of Representatives passed would help wealthy people and big corporations cheat on their taxes at the expense of ordinary middle-class taxpayers,” the president said.

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    Here’s more from the report:

    Biden also rebuffed a proposal for “a national sales tax,” sarcastically saying, “That’s a great idea. It would raise taxes on the middle class by taxing thousands of everyday items from groceries to gas, while cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans.”

    Biden said to reporters: “Go home and tell your moms. They’re going to be real excited about that.”

    White House spokesperson Andrew Bates previously told Fox News Digital that “President Biden adamantly opposes House Republicans’ plans to force an unprecedented tax hike onto middle-class families in exchange for yet more tax welfare for the rich and big corporations.”

    “The president’s top priority is to make more progress cutting costs for the American people, who broadly support his efforts to have multinational corporations and the richest taxpayers pay their fair share,” Bates commented.

    Seeing as how the bloated federal government and the progressives who run it make a fortune off tax dollars, it makes sense they wouldn’t want the IRS to disappear. Shameful, as it’s totally immoral to steal someone’s income without their consent and then not to allow them to decide how it is spent.