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Biden Loses It On Reporter After She Asks About Recession Concerns

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President Joe Biden lost his mind after a reporter asked him about fears of an economic recession on Monday, proving once again that crazy Uncle Joe gets cranky when someone dares to hold him accountable for his awful economic policies.

According to the folks at Breitbart News, Biden spoke with the media on the beach Monday morning while he spent some time with his family in celebration of the Juneteenth holiday.

“One reporter asked about a growing number of economists voicing concerns that a recession was more likely than ever,” the report said.

“Not the majority of them aren’t saying that, c’mon, don’t make things up, ok?” the president snapped. “Now you sound like a Republican politician.”

“I’m joking, that was a joke,” he added quickly.

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Usually when people clarify a snarky comment with “it was a joke,” it’s because they realize what they said makes them sound like a jackass and are attempting to save face by playing it off.

Too late.

I mean, we already know Biden’s a jackass, so why bother to try and hide it?

The president then went on to place emphasis on the notion that a recession was not inevitable, which is essentially just repeating his administration’s own talking point.

“All kidding aside, I don’t think it is, I was talking to Larry Summers this morning,” he stated. “There’s nothing inevitable about a recession.”

The Breitbart report said, “Economists at Nomura Holdings Inc predicted the economy would fall into a mild recession by the end of the year, as the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to combat record-high inflation.”

The president then tried to turn the conversation toward the importance of lowering the cost of insulin, stating that he believed he could move forward on the issue.

“Here’s what I think, we’re going to be able to get a change in Medicare in a reduction in the cost of insulin,” Biden added.

He then said that he wants to hike taxes on the rich, making the claim that “Trump’s tax cut” was “inflationary.”

“Going out and buying the yacht doesn’t help the economy that much,” he continued.

Unreal how out of touch with reality this guy is.

Well, the good news is the damage he’s done to the economy should bring about many, many victories for the GOP this coming midterm election.