B-B-B-Bernie and the Jerks

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Okay, have I lost my mind?  Or did we just witness one of the greater examples in recent memory of a set of asses that went tragically un-kicked when the Universe reached out and proffered the perfect opportunity on a platter so very, very silver?  If my eyes didn’t deceive me – and they rarely do – I saw the same video you did of Senator Kyrsten Sinema being accosted in a bathroom last week.  Just followed her in and harassed her about her views on the Congressional funding debacle, and demanded that she get on board with Biden’s Build Back Better Barrel of B.S. – filming it, of course, the whole time, as is our wont in this Gilded Age of the Mind-Numbingly Stupid.  

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  You ever catch me walking into that particular forest to chop a log, and you follow me into the Danger Zone and point your little phone camera at me, we’re gonna find out how many different ways I can kick your ass before I crap my pants.  

Now, I don’t lose a whole lot of love when I think in the general direction of Senator Sinema.  Aside from the fact that every time I hear her name, I want a tasty pastry, I mostly put her in the trust-but-verify category.  She’s still a liberal – and don’t you forget it, even if the radicals in her party make her look comparatively sane.  But nobody should be followed into the bathroom and harassed – when did we get to the point where anyone could say that was normal?  Joe Biden, who probably harasses people in the bathroom all the time – but only because he doesn’t know that’s where he is – showed that he was carrying around two bowling balls in the same bag the other day when he essentially dismissed the whole thing, saying that it “happens to everybody.”

No…Joe…it doesn’t.  

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And later, when Senate leadership put together a statement condemning the actions, Bernie Freaking Sanders refused to sign it.  And why?  Because Sinema isn’t playing nice with the radical wing of the party.  Bernie, brother, that’s cold coming from anybody…but maybe a guy whose fans are more apt to shoot you with a gun than a camera ought to sit this one out and skip the moralizing!

Listen, the Left provides proof of their true intentions at a rate I couldn’t ever possibly hope to keep up with, were I to make the foolish attempt to document them all.  But keep things like this in mind, and have them ready to call forward for the double standards they will inevitably become when the toilet paper’s facing the other direction someday, and the person doing the harassing is a Republican.  Assuming he can read the English words on the teleprompter that day, Joe Biden sure as hell won’t be brushing it off.  You’ll see it happen, and it’ll make you mad as hell, as it should.  Because I’m guessing you won’t be defending that Republican when the time comes.  And you know what that’s called?  Integrity and honesty.  And I could leave on that…probably should.  But you didn’t think I was only going to have only one euphemism for pooping in this little rant of mine, did you?  So, Senator Sinema: from this respectful and chivalrous cowboy, I’m sorry that this happened to you.  And, in the future, I hope you are able to peacefully launch a butt shuttle, build a dookie castle, curl some pipe, sink the Bismarck, release the Kraken, and drop some potatoes in the crock pot!  Blessed be the Fruit – am I right, Liberals?