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All Hail the Wolf Pac Or A Theory By Any Other Name

    Folks, you know how you can tell when a member of the mainstream media is lying to you?  They have a curious tell, and you can spot it if you look closely: it’s any time their mouth is moving, and sound is coming out.  Their latest attempt at journalistic sleight-of-hand, which has been about as skillful as it has been journalistic, is to convince you – the American viewing public at large – that Critical Race Theory isn’t being taught in schools.  And here’s the thing: we all know that it is.  We’ve all seen the videos, we’ve all heard the stories, we all know that this is something real.  And whether it’s called Critical Race Theory or not doesn’t matter, because the result is the same when teachers are pushing its ideas into your kids’ ear holes every chance they get.  We’ve recently seen it right here in Southlake Texas, which I’ll talk about in a minute.  But the point I’m making is that the Woke media is betting the farm on the notion that you – the aforementioned viewing public – are so colossally stupid that your brain will hit this minor linguistic speed bump and then just stop functioning.  It’s insidious, but the good news is that it’s not very creative.  And that lends credence to a notion that’s almost too good to hope for: the Left has been caught with its pants down on a sociopolitical issue, and is only now – when it is far too late – realizing that they can’t back out.   

    For decades, they’ve pushed and pushed their agenda, and we’ve continually fallen back further and further.  The ideological underpinnings of Critical Race Theory have been around for a long time, sure – but the Left stepped over the line when they went after our children.  

    I mentioned Southlake because on Tuesday, voters elected the third school board member in a row who’s committed to eradicating that school’s “Diversity Plan”.  Said plan calls for things like creating a system to track microaggressions and incidents of discrimination, as well as basing the school’s hiring policies on the basis of diversity.  It’s over 40 pages of hardcore Woke, folks.  Now, let me pause here and say this: if anyone watching this buys into the media narrative that this “diversity plan” doesn’t flow from the same poisoned well as Critical Race Theory, may I suggest that you sit back in your seat, get comfortable, and try not to lick the windows: the short bus will be coming to a stop very soon, and you can get off and find somewhere safe to be.  

    The voters in Southlake have awakened to the same realization that communities and at least some of their school boards are waking up to all around the country right now: our kids are in extreme peril from a school system held in thrall to the Woke mob.  The potential sacrifice of an entire generation of our kids’ minds on the altar of Leftism poses an existential threat to our country and, even more importantly, to the lives and well-being of those whom we hold most dear.  I can’t put it in plainer terms: Leftist thinking is a curse.  It is a blight on humanity that’s cost untold millions of lives, and ruined billions more.  Man is an individual first and part of a community second, but in the twisted worldview of Leftism…only the collective matters, and your individualism is a thing to be snuffed out at the earliest possible moment. 

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    There is no earlier possible moment than childhood.  

     I’m proud of my fellow Texans for standing up and doing what’s right.  Victorious battles like this one may point to a winning of the war someday, or it may not.  I stand by the notion that you’d probably do well to pull your children out of public school if you can.  But if you can’t…maybe it’s time to think about running for your local school board.  These bullshit ideas won’t fight themselves, you know.