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Abortion Clinics In Louisiana Stop Procedures After Ban Gets Reinstated

    In what is most excellent news for the pre-born children in the state of Louisiana, clinics spent the majority of the day calling up their patients and canceling the murderous procedures, or maybe the better term would be “executions” would be more fitting than “procedures.”

    Anyway, the good news is that Louisiana has reinstated its ban on abortion, which is a massive victory for those who believe the pre-born need to have their right to life protected.

    Newsmax is reporting, “For weeks, access to abortion in Louisiana has been flickering — with the state’s three clinics relying on rulings and temporary restraining orders, that allowed them to continue operations. But procedures came to a screeching halt Friday afternoon after an appeals court ruled that Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry can enforce the ban while ongoing legal challenges play out in court.”

    “Once again, politics has superseded medical expertise and commonsense,” Amy Irvin, a spokeswoman for abortion clinics — also known as murder mill — located in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, went on to say about the decision. “We remain hopeful that the Court will ultimately act with compassion and empathy on behalf of women seeking abortion in Louisiana.”

    “Staff at the clinics in southern Louisiana were working to notify 120 patients, scheduled for appointments this week, about the ban being enforced once again. Not only are patients being directed to clinics outside of the state, but Irvin said the clinics also are looking to relocate to a state ‘that respects and values women’s bodily autonomy,” the report said.

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    However, staff who work at Hope Medical Group for Women in the city of Shreveport, the facility smack in the center of the legal challenge — are still providing help, though not abortions.

    “We are not providing abortions, but we are not closed,” Kathaleen Pittman, director of the Norther Louisiana clinic, stated on Monday. “We are manning the phones and trying to help people navigate care as best we can within the limits of the law as we consider our options.”

    In other words, they are attempting to help people skirt the law and find places in nearby states where people can travel and kill their children.

    “Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last month to end constitutional protections for abortion, Louisiana’s ban has taken effect and been blocked multiple times. Since then, 249 abortions have been reported to the Louisiana Department of Health, according to data released last week,” the report stated.

    On July 21, state Judge Donald Johnson issued a preliminary injunction that enabled clinics in Louisiana to keep providing women with abortions while a lawsuit over the ban continued.

    But then, a mere eight days later, Landry took the battle concerning the ban to a state appeals court, which ended up ruling in his favor.

    Later that day, the ban went into effect, which marked the third time the ban has gone into effect. There are no exceptions for rape or incest.

    While the plaintiffs in the case aren’t denying that the state now has the ability to ban abortion, they are arguing that the provisions for the law are “contradictory” and “unconstitutionally vague.”