A Tirade Against Tyranny

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I’ve got a lot to get off my chest.  In the grand scheme of things, I typically find that it is best not to ascribe malice to fellow members of our semi-intelligent species when a preposterous level of stupidity will do just fine.  I do not automatically see those who seek to quell my particular point of view through the same jackass-colored glasses with which they generally look at me.  In short, I do not walk out my door in search of such dragons to slay – it’s merely that right now, the air seems to be thick with them.

Tyranny; let’s talk about it.

I had Jeremy Story on this program the other day, and you heard him talk about how he got the shaft from his local schoolboard because he tried to exercise his free speech in the proscribed manner.  What’d he get for his troubles?  A night in the clink, that’s what.  Every day, you turn the news on and what do you hear?  Tyranny, tyranny, and – wait for it – more tyranny.  Put more laconically: we are seeing a certain personality type beginning to coalesce more and more rapidly into an evil shape among the body politic of the United States, and if you’re not terrified of the ramifications it portends, you should be.  When the hardcore Freudian Id of true unvarnished Leftism meets, buys drinks for, and makes sweet love to the bizarre glitch in our programming that yearns for endless expanding fractal spirals of bureaucracy bursting through the seams of the social fabric, it’s time to say sayonara, everyone.  We had a good run, but the country’s done for.

This insanity pulses through the veins of our culture like the kind of drug that keeps you dancing all night.  It’s ubiquitous throughout our multifarious institutions, from our schools to our medical world, to the judicial realm that oversees them.  Understand something: mask mandates and mandatory vaccinations aren’t the root problem – they’re just the dress the problem is wearing to the bar this week.  The problem is tyranny.  Deep, abiding, intransigent tyranny, that worms its way beneath the skin of our collective reasoning and just festers in a madness-inducing rage that starts out slow – but gradually achieves a breakneck pace as it nears its goals.  It is as important now as it has ever been in the history of this country that you not bend the knee to tyranny.  We are a peaceful people who seek to maintain the freedom to live our lives in the manner we choose, not win it back from those who’ve all but succeeded in taking it from us.

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